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Fall 2021

On Color.    FYS Project.    Drawing as Visual Language.    Drawing Fundamentals.    1001 Drawings.     Introduction to Painting.    From Collage to Painting.    Color and Light: Painting with Watercolor, Dyes, and Fluids.    Intermediate Painting: A Sense of Place.    Black and White Darkroom: An Immersion.     The New Narrative Photography.    Ideas of Photography.    The Camera, The World.    Printmaking: Intaglio.    Silkscreen Printing.    The Painterly Print.    Assemblage: The Found Palette.    The Matter in Material.    Sculptural and Spatial Activism.    Architecture Design Studio: Heavy--Light.    New Genres: Paranoia as a System.    Art from Code.    Performance Art Tactics.    Senior Interdisciplinary Studio.

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